Interior Designers the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands


Convenience. Creative Inspiration. Infinite Potential.

These are the hallmarks that form the heart and soul of our Cayman Islands interior design team. We carry out a vast array of projects from our design workshop, located in the heart of Grand Cayman in Camana Bay. Each and every one of our interior design projects is unique, complete with specifically precise requirements to bring out the very best of each location. Our team of award-winning design professionals makes it a point to create truly mesmerizing spaces that are both inspirational and entirely functional.

Finely Attuned Design Sense and Absolute Professionalism

Our hardworking team strives to make each project truly special in its own right. We incorporate and consider every detail – right down to the thread count – in each space we work on. Whether you’re looking to re-upholster your living room or drastically update the look and functionality of your office space, our team will remain courteous, invested, and above all else, dedicated throughout the entire project timeline and beyond.

We Work from a Local Perspective

We’re proud to incorporate some of the finest furnishings, fittings, accessories, and décor from artisans and craftsmen in the Cayman Islands, which helps to lend a touch of tropical flair to each space we work on. Finely treated exotic woods, vivid and colorful tiling and luxurious fabrics all are used to make each project as truly unique and elegant as possible. There’s no limit to what our team can achieve, thanks to the passionate and intricate work performed by local Caribbean influence.

Deeply Personable Interior Design Work

We’ll work closely with you to guarantee an interior design overhaul that can be as minimalistic or bombastic as you desire it to be. Whether you wish to have a very specific finish applied to your kitchen or an entire interior restyling, our team will carefully orchestrate what we consider to be the quintessential design experience, complete with white-gloved delivery and installation. We’ll keep you regularly updated and involved throughout your project to ensure it not only meets your vision but exceeds your wildest expectations.

For those searching for the penultimate Caribbean-inspired interior overhaul, Design Studio is the optimal solution. We incorporate years of passionate study on design sense as well as a deep connection with local Cayman cultures to create spaces that are thoughtful, attentively designed, and built to combine purpose with presentation. Contact us today for further information.