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Turks & Caicos


Elegance. Brilliance. Confidence.

These are the hallmarks of not only our expert interior design team but also each and every project we carry out. The perfect example of our passion hard at work is in the form of our Turks & Caicos design and retail location, which functions primarily as our showroom. In addition, we also use the location for furniture sourcing and interior design work, so there’s always an incredible new experience to discover onsite. Combined with our penchant for unbridled excellence in terms of quality and uniqueness infused with a pinch of tropical flair, rest assured that our Turks & Caicos location is the perfect example of our interior design expertise.

Discover Our Expansive Retail Showroom

Our immaculate showroom in Regent Village, Providenciales is expansive, inviting, and of course, inspiring in every sense of the word. Our team has meticulously assembled and finetuned an incredible array of design samples, mock-ups, and unique pieces. Discover an infinite number of design possibilities and learn more about how we can help create the perfect Caribbean haven for you in an attentive, personable, and elegant manner. Our doors are always open to you (except when we’re not open).

We Work from a Local Perspective

The lifeblood of our work is in our furniture sourcing, which enables for each of our projects to take on a wholly unique and refreshing personality. We only use the highest-quality and most special pieces in our projects, which gives each property we work on a completely unique, revitalized personality with a hint of Caribbean flavour that isn’t overpowering or muted but balanced with simplicity and minimalistic elegance.

The Design Studio Turks & Caicos location functions as the quintessential introduction to your tropical escape, formed by our detail-oriented and personable interior design expertise. If you’re yearning to refresh your interior space and wish to discover the true potential of your home or business, we can provide a solution that exudes elegance, brilliance, and confidence. Contact us today for further information.